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Hi, kia ora, fakaalofa atu!

My name is Imelda Morgan, owner of Living Narratives. I live in Tāmaki Makaurau, Aotearoa New Zealand, and come from Pākehā and Niuean lineage. The third greeting above is in Vagahau Niue (the Niuean language) – no, sadly I am not yet fluent in this language… but I’m learning!

In 2019 my father, Taha Fasi, was diagnosed with cancer. After a long hospital stay, he started sharing his earlier memories and experiences, many of which I hadn’t heard before. This made me realise there was much I didn’t know about my parents, and that their stories have real impact and influence on my own journey and identity. I know there will be many people who have lost loved ones who feel as though their stories have been lost with them.

Luckily, the realisation came in enough time for my family and I to spend some time recording my father talking about his life, before he lost his battle on Father’s Day 2022.

At Living Narratives, we believe in the impact and value of personal stories. We know that without resources and support, many stories will be lost forever. These stories have the potential to impact our understanding of our identity, history, and place – as individuals, families, communities, and as a country.

This is what drives Living Narratives to support you in writing your life story. We’re on a mission to see more people, from all parts of New Zealand society, find the ambition and ability to get their stories published – for themselves, their families, and the future!

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Stories connect us

I often think about how much a good conversation helps me see the other person differently. When we share stories about ourselves, we find connections and gain greater empathy and insight into what others have overcome, accomplished or struggled with. That’s some powerful stuff!