Turn your life story into a book to share with others

We believe in the power of personal stories and the value your lived experience has for now, and the future.

Writing a story from your own lived experience is an act of love and legacy that people now, and generations to come, will treasure. You don’t have to be a professional author to write your story. The words are your own and they’re the right ones! And you don’t have to have had an extraordinary life! All stories are precious to your loved ones.

Living Narratives has enormous respect for people who write their life stories. Whether you’re writing your memoir for future generations to have, or you have a story about a significant part of your life that others could draw on in their own lives, our expertise as book designers help you achieve the incredible – a beautifully designed, finished book.

We’re on a mission

Imagine how much we’d learn about ourselves, others and our society if we had first-hand accounts of our grandparents, great-grandparents and their great-grandparents to delve into? Or how wider our perspective would be if we knew the story of overcoming a challenge that someone our own age has lived through?

That’s what drives Living Narratives. We want you to feel confident to tell your story, whatever your age or background. And that means finding ways to overcome any obstacles that might be holding you back or preventing you from getting started.

Watch this space! We will continue developing our products and services to bring us closer to our mission. And feel free to chat with us – we’d love to hear how you’re going with your life-story-writing journey.

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Memoir design & print package

If you’re ready, or nearly ready, to self-publish your story, our Design & Print Package is for you. Get your manuscript turned into an expertly-designed book – printed right here in New Zealand. You’ll receive 25 copies of your book, which you can gift to those who will appreciate it the most – your family and friends! And you never know, one day, 50 years from now, your book might bring joy and fascination to a new generation of family members!

Not sure where to start?

We’ve created a FREE downloadable guide based on our professional and personal experience of what makes a memoir work. Download this resource and keep it handy. It will help you feel inspired to begin writing and encourage you to keep going until it’s done. Imagine how good it will feel to hold your treasured memoir in your hands.

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Reach others with your experience

Have you lived through an experience that has changed you? Are you a business leader with knowledge to share? Your story can have impact for others who are looking for guidance, empathy or an example to learn from. Living Narratives helps those who wish to self-publish their story. You write the content, then we turn that into a designed book, either printed, digital, or both, ready for you to get into the hands of the people who will value it most.

Talk to us about your vision and idea.

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“Living Narratives did an incredible job putting together my grandmother’s memoir. They used an old transcript and old loose photos and combined them into a beautiful book which our family will treasure. I highly recommend Living Narrative’s services!”

– Amy

Tips for telling your life story

You’ve written your life story, now what?

Congratulations on writing your story! No doubt it’s been a big job, but hopefully one that you’ve enjoyed doing.

Letters from the past

Letters are incredibly valuable for historians, researchers, and individuals who are interested in learning more about their own family history.

Survey results

We’ve collated the results of our recent survey..

The visual family treasures that colour your memoir

The old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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